Monday, March 5, 2007

Friday 23rd February 2007

Ted wore two jackets and a balaclava for the first part of the morning as he was harvesting the last Sauvignon Blanc vineyard of the 2007 vintage. By the time I arrived back at the shed to collect the hand harvest team, the air was still cool and thick with mist. False Bay and Table Mountain were hidden for a while as the team harvested our oldest chardonnay vineyard, still in great condition after 22 years. As the mist lifted we were treated to perfect 360 degree views of the Cape Peninsula. The photograph below (left) shows the view looking south towards False Bay and Hangklip. The one on the right is of some of our E-facing Chardonnay vineyards, with Ted and Sheelagh's house against the hill in the background, and in the distance one can see towards Simonstown and Cape Point at the other end of False Bay.

This photograph below of Ted on the harvesting machine is looking due west towards Cape Town and Table Mountain. Constantia is on the far left of the harvester, and the Durbanville wine region is on the far right!

Porcupines love Chardonnay! The day before, while walking through the vineyard we were now hand-harvesting, I could see a few neatly nibbled bunches down one of the rows. The porcupine dens are situated under some old Wild Olive trees, a few metres from the edge of the vineyard, and the scattering of quills was a dead giveaway to the porcupine dinner party the night before. “More Chardonnay please”, I could imagine them saying, rattling their quills in anticipation.

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