Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wednesday 21st February 2007

I used to like the Elvis Costello song ‘Accidents will happen’ until I saw the look on Ludwich’s face! He was as white as a sheet as he realized what he had done. “I’ve opened the wrong valve and dumped a tonne of shiraz rosé into the waste drain below the compost trailer.”

What else could I do other than run for my camera? This happened just as guests were leaving Jordan after our second Harvest Lunch! There was no point in ranting and raving – nothing I could do would save the grapes! With one flick of a switch, Ludwich had ensured that he was the frontrunner for the ‘Stuff-up-of-the-Year’ floating trophy! (A few years ago we had a student wrap a 100mm hose around our press, destroying our thick stainless steel must line to the presses in the process. A heavy, flattened tee-piece now serves as a trophy.) This is one trophy that nobody wants to win!

The photo alongside shows Ludwich (left) with ‘the evidence’ as well as Clive and Denovan in the process of helping Ludwich clean up the mess.

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